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Best Foreign Exchange Broker - Best Currency Exchange Rates

TransferMate is Europe's most competitive foreign exchange broker with thousands of corporate and individual clients using TransferMate’s foreign exchange services in Ireland, UK and throughout Europe in addition to US, Canada and Australasia. The foreign exchange tools and services provided include euro-dollar currency converter, information on euro currency exchange rates, euro and sterling base currency graphs, historical rates and euro payments.

Are you a company or individual looking for a foreign currency exchange broker to save money on your international payments? Contact us now and compare our rates with your bank and start saving money today!

Exchange Rates and Service Guarantee

Using our services, you are guaranteed to receive the most competitive exchange rates on the market, in addition to the fastest payments.
Phone us now and compare: Within Australia: 02 8297 6186 Outside Australia: +612 8297 6186

What is a Foreign Exchange Broker?

A foreign exchange broker, also called FOREX broker is a company that is not a bank and that is regulated by the financial authorities to provide foreign exchange services that are often offered at a lower cost. The foreign exchange broker is an intermediary between a company that needs to buy foreign currencies and the inter-bank. The foreign exchange broker can be viewed as a currency wholesaler as it buys currencies at the inter-bank rate and sells it at a lower margin than banks allowing its clients to save money on their international payments.

Interpay Ltd T/A TransferMate is a currency exchange broker regulated as a European Payment Institution providing faster, fairer and safer foreign exchange services to corporate and individuals.

How our Foreign Exchange Payments Work?

  • book a payment Book a Payment Lock in a
  • lodge the funds Transfer Funds

    Send money to the TranferMate account in your country

  • we transfer your funds We Make the Payment

    We transfer the funds locally to your beneficiary in their country

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Our Integrated Solutions for Businesses and Banks

We have developed software add ons for some of the top accountancy software packages in the world. You can make international wire transfers directly from your accounting software and eliminate double entry, saving you time and money.



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